Expertise Alpes Prestige

Our main objective is to protect, advise and support over time the investor’s international interests, by providing a high level of services regardless of client commitments, the nature, or the location of the assets.

A compliant structure of ownership associated with a bespoke funding ensures the right combination to succeed for future owners of a property in France

Beyond the purely financial aspects, in time, cross border ownership remains subject to many important decisions during the evolution of a property portfolio. In a complex, and changing environment, the services of an independent professional are vital.

There are many partnerships required to supply the various expertise essential to the correct management of property affairs. Alpes Prestige mobilises its expertise both internally, and using a network of like minded professionals including bankers, notaries, solicitors, lawyers, chartered accountants, insurers and fund managers. In this way, Alpes Prestige is able to offer both tailor made and pragmatic solutions to our client’s needs.

Alpes Prestige informs and also advises non-resident clients on possible alternatives and how best to modify the initial disposition of the client’s asset and so adapt to changes – planned or unexpected – related to professional, personal, legal or family constraints (wealth tax, capital gain tax  inheritance, gift, property sale, etc …)

We remain at your service for additional information by phone or email.