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No matter how intricate personal, family or professional relationships may be, Alpes Prestige shows no prejudice and adapts, all the time dedicating its knowledge and expertise to the service of our international clients.

With its creative and thoughtful posture, Alpes Prestige supports its non-resident clients and coordinates all interested parties to provide a progressive and sustainable international wealth strategy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more:

Alpes Prestige

83 Rue Chevalier Merme 73600 SALINS LES THERMES (FRANCE)


+334 79 22 53 29


+334 79 22 93 87

Consult the ALPES PRESTIGE legal authorisations and regulatory documents

Alpes Prestige agrees to uphold conditions of professional honour, respectability and competence which are validated on a yearly basis.

The approvals received ensure better protection for investors as the company ALPES PRESTIGE is fully registered and approved by ANACOFI CIF Association representing the AMF (Financial Markets Authority) as a Conseiller en Investissement Financier – CIF (IFA financial investment adviser).

Also registered as an IOBSP intermediary of (intermediary in banking operations and payment services / Mortgage broker) and also as an insurance broker accorded by ORIAS.

Alpes Prestige’s activities are covered by a full professional liability insurance for intermediaries and its activities from QBE Insurance. This insurance covers, among others, activities related to ORIAS insurance mediation, banking transactions and payment services mediation, consulting activities in financial investment, but also the selling of banking and financial services and those related to the exercising the appropriate legal competence.

The company Alpes Prestige is also a member of various professional associations such as the ANACOFI (Independent Wealth Manager Association), the ANACOFI IOBSP (Mortgage Broker Associaition) the ANACOFI-CIF (IFA Association), the APIC (Mortgage Broker Association), the AIDIMM (development of Islamic finance Association in Europe) and SAVOIE ANGELS (Business Angels Association).

The membership of these associations enables us to stay up to date with the latest news, share information and to maintain a high level of professionalism in the economic and financial field.

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