Alpes Prestige: Cross Border Financial Expertise

Alpes Prestige specialises in supplying finance and structuring complex property transactions in the Alps and the South of France for all source international clients and corporate entities. With complete independence and discretion, Alpes Prestige makes its services available to wealthy families investing abroad and their regular advisors.

Alpes Prestige provides a legal framework for the successful completion of international property deals in France, and its expertise is dedicated to both individuals and companies recommending tailor-made and sustainable overseas asset ownership /management.

The overall approach of Alpes Prestige is to offer consistent bespoke mortgages sourced from the whole banking market, and administrative services, as well as legal and finance advice taking into account all the components of the cross border property ownership pitfalls.

The management of international property development requires the total transparency of an expert who can provide all the necessary skills in various disciplines including:

  • Purchase financing in France or specialist non-resident mortgages
  • Multiple asset refinancing in Europe
  • Crossborder tax, legal and finance advice
  • Administrative and property services

We remain at your service for additional information by phone or email.